Wild Things: Art exhibition by Jethro Buck

Jethro Buck is a painter with a special interest in Indian art, who applies traditional techniques, often using hand-ground natural pigments, to explore and celebrate the natural world. His exhibition Wild Things will take place at the Crane Kalman Gallery and run from 21st November 2019 – 11th January 2020.

Mammals Past - 20,000 BC

Jethro and Crane Kalman are pleased to announce a collaboration with EJF, in publishing a limited edition print of the artist’s 2019 painting Mammals Past - 20,000 BC. It illustrates the abundance of Mammalian life on earth from pre-history to the near present but under-scores the threat of future extinction of many of these wonderful species.

I see the act of painting the natural world as part of a wider endeavour to establish a relationship with it. My appreciation for a tree, a leaf, a mountain or a fish becomes greater after having painted it.

Jethro Buck

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